white la bel

A white label product is a product or service produced by one company (us) that other companies (you) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.




Our team consists of world class chemists, herbologists, botanists and mixologists. We use the highest quality organic ingredients to formulate the purest end product possible. We believe in the power of using organic raw herbs in conjunct with CBD to reap the utmost benefits. Fill out the form below to start your new stunning CBD brand today.



Our experienced artwork team can help you create an eye catching brand to make your CBD brand stand out. Whether you know exactly what you want or you have no idea, we can help. Once you approve your design, we will personally send the artwork to our local partnered printing company. All labels can be printed with matt or gloss UV coating. 



Once all parties have approved the custom formulation and artwork, your CBD brand will be launched into production. We begin by carefully batching large quantities of your custom formulation accompanied by batch numbers. Your custom formulation then gets bottled, capped, sealed and labeled with your custom labels. The entire order is then packed and shipped to you. 



All of our CBD isolate and CBD distillate is extracted from organically grown hemp to ensure there are no pesticides or heavy metals. Each and every batch of your custom product will come with a certificate of analysis of the cannabinoid breakdown from a third party testing facility to ensure transparency. Additional tests such as Chemical Residue Analysis, Microbial Analysis, Heavy Metal Analysis, Mycotoxin Analysis, Residual Solvent Analysis and Terpene Analysis are available upon request. 

We are commited to adding more value to your experience. Click below to see a research study done about products, labeling and consumer preferences.


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