10 Reasons Athletes Should Try CBD

Improve Your Athletic Performance and Recovery Time with CBD

There are many possible benefits to using CBD oil in your daily routine. Taking CBD orally or applying topically can have some great effects on athletic performance and overall recovery. CBD is believed to help with ailments relating to joint pain, inflammation, muscle soreness, relaxation, recovery, and more.

10 Benefits of Taking CBD oil

1. Reduces Joint Pain

Some studies show that CBD is an anti-inflammatory and can reduce joint pain and arthritis relating to joint inflammation. A 2016 study, published in the European Journal of Pain, showed that the topical administration CBD on rats reduced joint swelling and pain-related inflammation relating to arthritis.

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2. Reduces Inflammation

Although some inflammation can be beneficial, it can also be one of the biggest contributors to a slow recovery. CBD is believed to help with mitigating this process by regulating inflammation in the body. This can be beneficial to chronic inflammation that causes diseases like, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimers and