Zen Drops Announces Exclusive Partnership With AATAC

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We are excited to serve AATAC business members with the finest CBD products and the best profit margins with the simplest ordering process available.


Because we value our AATAC relationship we have negotiated special member pricing, exclusive for AATAC participants. We are a cGMP Certified facility with a wide array of products that we manufacture ourselves, so you win.


Simple 3 Step Ordering Process

Step 1.  Reveiw our AATAC CBD product line below on the following sell sheets (Tincture, Specialty,  Topical). All products will be manufactured with THC FREE CBD unless otherwise requested by you.

Step 2.  Choose which products you would like to carry and how many you would like to order based on much money you would like to make. All prices and profit margins are clearly marked below.

Step 3.  Contact us so we can start production to fill your order in the most expeditious manner possible. Most product orders can be fulfilled within 2 to 3 weeks.